A Chat About Mental Health


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This whole subject was heavy on my heart when I recorded this. It seems like the world has gone mad over the last 2+ years with all the crazy that’s been happening. The tragic school shooting in Oxford, MI was pretty close to home and it’s just heart breaking what all these kids and young adults are being forced to do deal with.


Being a parent all you want to do is protect your kids and make sure they have a healthy/ happy life….. But this type of destructive, maybe a cry for help mental state of too many makes it seem impossible 🙁 I’m not even sure if there is still a stigma around “mental health” and getting help/ talking to someone about it in high school these days…. But we all need to work at making it a very normal part of how people function. It doesn’t need to be used as crutch or to be seen as “less than” if you’re depressed or have some anxiety, etc.

The world would be a lot better off if we talked more about how the universe actually works! If we taught kids at a young age that they are masters of manifestation! You may think that’s crazy, but I assure you – we all have been manifesting daily forever…..it’s just not for things you want in life.


We wake up and repeat about 90% of our same thoughts as the day before. So when you get up and say “Ugh, it’s too early, I’m never going to make it on time, I’m SO bad at math, etc, Why do I always have the worst luck” You see where I’m going with that? You have already put that in motion and your subconscious mind will get right to work to bring you more of what you just thought/ said out loud~ So the biggest trick to changing your life, your mindset, your everything….. Is to be aware of the thoughts and emotions you’re spending time with.


Whatever it is, whatever emotion you’re having, good or bad your brain takes that cue and sets off to find more things/ situations that will bring you more of whatever the feeling is. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and something you just thought about (and attached emotion to). I Love this quote by Neville Goddard “When your feeling is in conflict with your wish, feeling will be the victor” meaning you can say affirmations all day long that you’re happy, successful, etc BUT if you don’t have a strong emotion attached to those thoughts….. They will continue to just be words and thoughts.

I hope this was helpful….. We need to start being nicer to others in general, we all need our vibrations raised so I hope this inspires someone to start thinking differently 🙂


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