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Hi I’m Julie Jabs and thanks so much for stopping by!

I have some really exciting news!!

RED USA, Real Estate Donations is a 501c3 nonprofit that I am also on the board of. They have been taking real estate donations and turning it into cash to help countless veterans, first responders, diabetes charities, and youth sports for 15 years….. raising about $4 Million to date! So many lives have been touched by this great organization and I am so excited for the newest addition of how we can help people!

Since the pandemic, 51% of charities across the country have had to shut their doors. Those are the absolute last people we need to be out of business, good people with big hearts. So after a LOT of research we have added an entity to RED to go beyond just real estate donations… Now there is the option for people to donate cryptocurrency through what we call “Crypto For A Cause”. 

As you may know, I am very passionate about the healing properties of hemp and CBD especially. It’s helped so many people get off opiates and actually heal their body instead of mask the pain. It’s a very safe and natural way to balance your whole body and have it run as it’s intended to.

That being said, we have this whole operation setup to take crypto donations (tax deduction) so we can get this USDA organic, highest quality CBD products in the hands (and paws) of the those that need it most.

We want to be able to get these life changing products to our veterans who may be dealing with PTSD, our first responders who are dealing with industry related illnesses, also our furry friends at the animal rescues! Pet CBD has been incredible when dealing with behavioral issues and most definitely anxious dogs!

I also want to be able to help any of the young people/ kids that have been out of sorts since this whole pandemic. Nobody has known exactly how to handle things since our world suddenly looked VERY different –  but these kids have been through so much more than I think we will ever truly know. I worry about the overall mental health of all these kids the past 2 years….I feel I need to do my part about educating just how important this plant is before so many young people end up on big pharma forever! I know so many people are hurting, stressed, anxious, confused, etc and it’s ok, nobody has been through anything like this. I encourage anyone feeling like this to talk to someone, but I also know from personal experience that a quality CBD can make the world of difference and calm your mind

So please keep us in mind if you would like to donate crypto and get your tax deduction, You can absolutely still donate if you are not involved in the cryptocurrency world by visiting our site at


Stay Healthy,

~Julie Jabs ~


Also feel free to check out RED and all the work we do there!

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