How It All Started…

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This video is basically where and how my CBD journey began. Besides having my own undiagnosed medical issues my whole life, the minute my son was diagnosed with Tourette’s…..It became my mission to figure it out. He was about 6 years old when he was diagnosed and it really threw me for a loop. I wasn’t very familiar with Tourette’s Syndrome so I had a lot to catch up on. We went to all the specialists and tried all the things for long time.

I was adamant about not putting him on multiple medications, we tried a few different ones over the course of treatment and didn’t like who he was becoming or it wasn’t helping.

This is when I started looking into CBD and heard that it was some kind of “miracle plant”, so I spent the next couple years researching and trying all different CBD brands, formulas, etc. That is not something I wish for any parent to have to do in a dire situation! It can make your head spin with the amount of information out there.

I spent hours searching for information and talking to other parents with similar situations- seeing what they had tried, how much and how long, etc. There was so many conflicting stories and answers on just about everything! When you aren’t sure what you’re looking for to happen, it’s even harder to judge. Most of the brands we tried were really dark colored and powerful smell….
let’s just say that didn’t go over very well with a child who has sensory issues! I couldn’t even make myself put some of
them near my mouth if we’re being honest.

After a while of trial and error with all these different companies, I was about to just give up on the whole CBD idea.

I am glad that I didn’t completely write it off because it was right then that this opportunity landed in my lap and changed every aspect of my life! Someone must have felt my pain because she reached out to me and we talked for about an hour and I was finally getting somewhere! Little did I know about this fairly new company she was talking about.

They were family owned and operated in North Carolina. Better yet, they are the only USDA organic CBD company in the direct selling space! The kicker was that they only extract from the hemp flower, which means none of that dark color, nasty taste or smell that we hated from the others 🙂  Just listening to this story of how the company was created and the people involved, I knew it was something special and I was absolutely
going to be trying this product.

What I didn’t expect or plan on happening was locking arms with this company and building my own business!

That was a major bonus!  After 23 days of taking this CBD my life has completely changed!  I’ve made it my personal mission to help other
parents in this situation navigate this somewhat confusing topic, share with you what’s helped, etc. Everyone should know about
and enjoy the benefits of this plant .

I hope this story helps someone,

Stay Healthy,

~ Julie Jabs ~



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