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It’s no secret that people like to hate on network marketing as a whole. It’s unfortunate because it can absolutely be life changing for so many people! I don’t mean making millions (although lots of people do) but real residual income for families can make all the difference. Because of the stereotypes, and bitter ex MLM people who didn’t make any money because they didn’t do any work. Most people won’t even entertain the thought of joining one.

I’m not going to lie, I was involved with a few of these types of businesses over the years – I failed miserably!!! I mean I was a makeup artist and couldn’t sell enough makeup to get to the “free car level”! I still don’t think it was the company’s fault. That’s where so many people are so misinformed. Think about it this way – Say you buy a gym membership with intentions to transform your body and be the greatest version of you! Awesome, right? Ok well as the days go on that big shiny new goal starts to seem like a lot of work! Maybe you do it 50% a few days, then skip a day here and there and then next thing you know its 2 months later and you’ve gained weight and realized you’ve no been to the gym in weeks! NOW… would you go around telling everyone that gyms don’t work, they’re all scams because you tried it! All that happened was they took your money and you gained weight??? Of course not! It’s kind of like that in this industry. People assume if they invest in a business kit, that somehow entitles them to some form of a paycheck. Not how that works. If you don’t do the work you don’t make the money, it’s pretty simple.

I will speak for the incredible company that I’m with because I am familiar with it. Although, I’m pretty sure all the other reputable companies in the industry are similar, in the fact that they don’t do the illegal payments and things people claim. The classic “Only people at the top make money” couldn’t be farther from the truth! You get paid according to your performance. I work with and root for my team to hit their goals because we all win! I never get a cut of their earnings because I’m on top (meaning they don’t get their whole amount). NO WAY! They earn whatever the amount is and the company ALSO pays me. Not and either/ or situation.

We are honestly like a big happy family! We are still considered a ground floor company because we have less than 25,000 advocates and we just turned 3. Soon enough though it will be a household name 🙂 It’s pretty incredible being part of something that will (and is) changing countless lives! I encourage you, If you are sick of living paycheck to paycheck, or a stay at home parent that wants to be part of an amazing community of people while earning extra income, or you’re a working mom that wants to be able to say yes to the kids more often, not miss all the things because you have to work…… to reach out to me and let’s see if this might be a fit for you. You have nothing to lose, if it doesn’t sound like something you’d like then no worries. BUT what if it’s the perfect thing you’ve been looking for???

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