My Big Dreams

Hi I’m Julie Jabs and thanks so much for stopping by!

This is all about my big dreams and plans for this channel and Facebook group. Because I was a medical mystery most of my life, and struggled to find help for my son…. I’ve become pretty resourceful. Now that my whole life has been changed by this amazing hemp plant, I have to share it with others! I know there are too many people suffering in silence.

Yes CBD has greatly improved my life but it was also in combination with learning more about what makes us tick. I had tried meditation years ago and pretty sure I wasn’t doing it right! So I figured it wasn’t all that important and not for me. Boy was I wrong!! This past year or so I started learning more about the subconscious mind and just how powerful it is. Also how mindset really can make or break a person. Combine daily meditation and being aware of how/ what I say to myself, along with CBD… I am basically a new person!

So I absolutely want to share this with whoever needs it. The Facebook group will be a place where everyone is welcome and free to share what’s going on and if you need help with something- you’ll get it 🙂 Too many people are consumed with the daily negative energy and vibes that are always around (news, social media, etc). If this is resonating with you or sounds like someone you know, please share it with them and join the Facebook group.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope you find these videos helpful.

Stay Healthy,

~Julie Jabs ~




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