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Do you ever wonder if you’re doing what you’re meant to do? Or what would be your ideal job to make you happy and make a living??

Well I have been doing this 21 day abundance challenge and it’s been pretty eye opening! So many people go through life on autopilot and they really aren’t happy at their job or anywhere. Life is way too short to be miserable!

What I wanted to share about this particular day in the challenge was when we talked about the Ikigai. Have you ever heard of that? Ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy) is a concept originating from the Japanese island of Okinawa to find our life’s purpose. It translates to “reason to live” and is your reason you get out of bed everyday. For Japanese however, the idea is slightly different. One’s ikigai may have nothing to do with income. In fact, in a survey of 2,000 Japanese men and women conducted by Central Research Services in 2010, just 31% of recipients considered work as their ikigai. Someone’s value in life can be work – but is certainly not limited to that. Japanese people believe that the sum of small joys in everyday life results in more fulfilling life as a whole.

The four elements of Ikigai are

1. What you love?

If you’re currently working:

  • Are you absorbed in your work?
  • Are you more excited about going to work than you are about leaving work?
  • Do you have an emotional connection to your work results?

If you have a hobby or craft:

  • Do you have a hobby or craft you can’t seem to get enough of?
  • Are you more excited about your hobby or craft than anything else?


2. What you’re good at?

If you’re currently working:

  • Do people ask you for advice on topics related to your work?
  • Are there parts of your job that come easily to you?
  • Are you one of the best at what you do?
  • Are you/Do you want to be an expert at what you do?

If you have a hobby or craft:

  • Do people compliment you on your hobby or craft?
  • Does your hobby or craft feel intuitive?
  • Are you one of the best at your hobby or craft?


3. What the world needs?

If you’re currently working:

  • Is your work considered a high demand in the marketplace?
  • Picture the next year, 10 years, and 100 years — will your work still be valuable?
  • Are you solving a social, economic, or environmental problem?

If you have a hobby or craft:

  • Is your hobby or craft in high demand or desirable in the marketplace?
  • Will your hobby or craft still be valuable in the future?
  • Is your hobby or craft solving a social, economic, or environmental problem?


4. What you can be paid for?

If you’re currently working:

  • Are there other people getting paid for the same work you’re doing?
  • Do you make a good living/Will you eventually make a good living doing your work?
  • Is there a healthy level of competition for your work?

If you have a hobby or craft:

  • Have other people made a career out of the same hobby or craft?
  • Have people around you requested to buy what you do or make?

The very center, where each area overlaps, is your ikigai – your reason for getting up and where you should focus your efforts to find ultimate fulfillment. See what overlaps and start to brainstorm what it is you should be doing and how you can make it happen!  That is supposed to be how you live your happiest life 🙂

Ikigai is about feeling your work makes a difference in people’s lives. People perform better when they are able to personally make a difference in someone’s life with the work they are doing. Diversifying your ikigai is also important. Retirement can bring a huge sense of loss and emptiness for those who find their ikigai in work. This can be especially true for athletes, who have relatively shorter careers.


I thought it was pretty fascinating! What about you? Will you take the time to go through process and see what it is that makes you tick? Let me know in the comments if you do – I’d love to hear what you came up with! I hope this was helpful and you got some value.


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