The Perks Club




Exclusive Perks Club – Balance & Restore Bundle

$99 – when you join the FREE Perks Club
$159.00 – Preferred Customer
$229.90 – Retail Customer


Our free rewards program is a good one. It’s like a not-so-secret society we like to call the Perks Club. The best part is you become an automatic member of the Perks Club when you hit that “Replenish Monthly” button while ordering the products you love most.

We think of it as less hassle, more discounts, and continuous hemp wellness so that you never have to go a day without. Not ready for a monthly Replenishment quite yet? Use our FriendShare program to share hope in hemp with your loved ones and you’ll both save!

Just create your first Replenish order to become a Preferred Customer and be automatically enrolled in our Perks Club!

Month 1

FIRST time customers joining the Perks Club, can add a Balance & Restore Collection to your first monthly Replenish order for just $99.

After month 1, the Balance & Restore Collection will stay in your Replenish order and revert to regular Preferred Customer pricing ($159 – still a 20% savings compared to retail pricing). Edit or cancel your Replenishment anytime through your Green Compass account.

Month 2

After your first Replenish order processes, you’ll be able to add Digestive Health Nano Jellies to that same Replenishment for just $20 – valid for month 2 ONLY. You’ll receive email and website reminders so you don’t miss out on this exclusive month 2 offer!

After month 2, $20 Digestive Health Nano Jellies will be automatically removed from your next Replenish order. If you love your Jellies as much as we do, you can easily add them back to your monthly Replenishment!

Month 3

After your second consecutive month of Replenishment, all your shipping for that Replenish order is free for as long as the Replenishment continues to process consecutively each month.


As a Preferred Customer in the Perks Club, you get access to 20% off all items. Yep – Every. Single. One. Plus, periodically, we’ll send additional special offers of up to 45% off! This way, you’ll never go without your favorite GC products, and you’ll save at the same time.


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