Should My CBD Have THC In It?

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Let’s go over the very basics of the most common types of CBD you will come across. You have a full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate.

For whatever reason some people advertise that you shouldn’t have or don’t want THC in your CBD. Especially when it comes to kids. That is absolutely not the case. This should be decided by each person for more reasons than “just because”.

Let’s talk about full spectrum first. Full meaning it has all the components of the plant, cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, etc – including trace amounts of THC. In 2018 the Farm Bill was passed making it legal to have .03% THC in the formula across all 50 states. I’m sure you’re wondering …. NO! you in no way can get high from 3% THC. Having all the components of the plant working together though creates what they call the “Entourage Effect” and in my opinion works the best, for most people. Like with everything though, there’s always exceptions and I’m happy to work with you individually to see what would work best for you.

Then you have broad spectrum. This has all the same stuff we just talked about BUT it’s been refined to only remove the THC from it. Still a great option for those people that have drug testing or just don’t want the THC for whatever reason. I will say though, if you are using for any type of pain- you will want to start with a full spectrum if you can. There are some people that are just adamant about not wanting to take anything with THC in it for whatever reason, that’s ok too. You will still receive benefits from a broad spectrum. It is different for every body so go ahead and try it out.

The next one is called an isolate. This one gets refined even more until it’s only the CBD left. There’s certain times when this would be used but for the most part, most people will be using either a full or broad spectrum CBD.

I hope this was helpful and cleared up any confusion you may have had about this. If you are curious about or wanting to get started with CBD, please comment or reach out and we can schedule a call to get you on the right track!

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